2023 Short.  Directed By Giovanna Molina.

“After discovering a hickey on her older sister's neck, Grace (15).   attempts to expose her sister and win her conservative father’s approval.”


Writer/Director: Giovanna Molina
Producers: Cailin Lobb-Rabe, Giovanna Molina, Shen Wei
Director of Photography: Vittoria Campaner
Production Design: Octavio Molina
Editor: Danielle Criqui
Score: Cate Kennan
Costume Design: Sophia Weltman
Casting Director: Ruby Green of Rudebelly Casting


Chloe Carroll, Heidi Schwartz, Alvin Cowan, Seneca Fiedler, Adam Hersko-RonaTas, Holly Anne Jones


2024 Cinema Femme Short Film Festival

2024 Annapolis Film Festival

2024 Green Mountain Film Festival

2023 Indie Memphis Film Festival

2023 Santa Fe International Film Festival

2023 Kerry International Film Festival

2023 Eastern Oregon Film Festival

2023 WME FutureFest

2023 Dances With Films

The Ladies 

2023 Pilot.  Directed by Julianna Piscina.

“The Ladies is a series concept about Tracy, a 30-something year old former high school basketball star returning to her alma mater as head coach. However, she’s surprised to find a team of only two players. Tracy and her players have to recruit more girls to join the team or the program will be cut, which would force Tracy to face her past, and force Emma and Rita to interact with their peers in gym class. Needless to say, they’ll do anything.”


Writer/Director: Juliana Piscina
Producer: Cailin Lobb-Rabe
Director of Photography: Nick Mahar
Production Design: Victoria Tran
Editor: Danielle Criqui
Costume Design: Ruby GreenCasting Director: Rudebelly Casting


Jessica Toltzis, Gia Blakey, Caroline Hedrick