2023 Short.  Directed By Giovanna Molina.

“After discovering a hickey on her older sister's neck, Grace (15).   attempts to expose her sister and win her conservative father’s approval.”


Writer/Director: Giovanna Molina
Producers: Cailin Lobb-Rabe, Giovanna Molina, Shen Wei
Director of Photography: Vittoria Campaner
Production Design: Octavio Molina
Editor: Danielle Criqui
Score: Cate Kennan
Costume Design: Sophia Weltman
Casting Director: Ruby Green of Rudebelly Casting


Chloe Carroll, Heidi Schwartz, Alvin Cowan, Seneca Fiedler, Adam Hersko-RonaTas, Holly Anne Jones


2024 Cinema Femme Short Film Festival

2024 Annapolis Film Festival

2024 Green Mountain Film Festival

2023 Indie Memphis Film Festival

2023 Santa Fe International Film Festival

2023 Kerry International Film Festival

2023 Eastern Oregon Film Festival

2023 WME FutureFest

2023 Dances With Films

The Ladies 

2023 Pilot.  Directed by Julianna Piscina.

“The Ladies is a series concept about Tracy, a 30-something year old former high school basketball star returning to her alma mater as head coach. However, she’s surprised to find a team of only two players. Tracy and her players have to recruit more girls to join the team or the program will be cut, which would force Tracy to face her past, and force Emma and Rita to interact with their peers in gym class. Needless to say, they’ll do anything.”


Writer/Director: Juliana Piscina
Producer: Cailin Lobb-Rabe
Director of Photography: Nick Mahar
Production Design: Victoria Tran
Editor: Danielle Criqui
Costume Design: Ruby GreenCasting Director: Rudebelly Casting


Jessica Toltzis, Gia Blakey, Caroline Hedrick


So Natural

2023 Short.

“An introverted boom operator struggles to go about his daily life after witnessing a tragedy while working on the set of a Reality Show.”


Linas Phillips

FEATURING  (in order of Appearance):

Ryne Strom
Clifford Jones
Elizabeth Lamboy
Jami Richards
Michi Fink
Eli Leonard
Gus Frank
Debora Jan Gray
Jacquelyn Landgraf
Adam White
Deborah Podus
Jennifer Cheung
Josetta Monk
Ivan Mendoza
Kai Noel Fuentes
Maria Hojas
Ruby Arreguin
Julietta Ortiz
Anna Seregina
Clay Tatum
Brent Weinbach
Will Tranfo
Adam Hersko-Ronatas


Writer, Editor, Director: Danielle Criqui
Producer: Matthew Johnson
Director of Photography:  Ingrid Sanchez
Production Design: Eve Axness
Costume Design: Liza Seelig
Score: Scott Gilmore
Sound Design: Brian Peyton
Casting: Rudebelly Casting

Line Producer: Sophie Shi
AD: Kristi Hoi

GFX Artist: Jon Cooper
Colorgrade: Mission Film & Designs


"Gymnopédie" by Dustin Wong
"Law of Movement" by Horse Lords


2022 Short.

“A woman struggling to feel connection in her present reality, embarks on a solo trip to the Mojave Desert”


Suzanne Doogan


Frank Papia
Jami Richards
Noelle Franco
Newt Arlandiz


Writer, Editor, Director: Danielle
Criqui Producer: Robert Harrington
Cinematography: Jackie Fang
Costume Design:  Sophia Weltman
Sound Design & Sound Mixer:  David Raines
Score: John Jones
Colorist: Gaby Spampinato
GFX Artist: Julia Angley

Assistant Director: Juliana Piscina
Gaffer: Gionatan Tecle
Assistant Camera: Kristen Gao
Production Sound: Giovanna Molina
Covid Safety Officer: Yao Lui


"Denton, Texas" Written & Performed by Raymond Richards

"Catch a Falling Star" Written by Paul Vance & Lee Pockriss; Performed by Anthony Moore; Courtesy of Drag City Records

"Saddled Mouse" Written & Performed by Jordan Romero


NEW/NEXT Film Festival – 2023


2019 Feature Documentary.

In August of 2016, over 1,500 people gathered at Ramblewood Campground in Darlington, Maryland for the 2nd iteration of Fields Festival – a three day DIY event of music, art, dance, theater, poetry, and comedy. A small crew of Baltimore videographers extensively documented the weekend-long celebration capturing the performances of such renowned acts as Sun Ra Arkestra, Future Islands, TT the Artist, Dan Deacon, Susan Alcorn, Weyes Blood, and Princess Nokia.


Director & Editor: Danielle Criqui 
Cinematography: Marian Blair, Danielle Criqui, Corey Hughes, Nick Hughes, Travis Levasseur, Sonya Norko, & Matthew Sullivan
Producers: Amanda Schmidt & Stew Mostofsky
Production Sound Recorders: Jordan Romero & Gus Muller
Sound Mixing: Jeff Carey
Colorist: Holden Brown
Graphic Designers: Chris Day & Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez

Trailer featuring the Music of Andrew Bernstein.



2020 - 2024

2016 - 2019

2015 - 2018


 2011 - 2014

2008 - 2010


ACRES was a Baltimore, MD based curatorial project created by Danielle Criqui and Jasmine Sarp that was active from 2012-2017. ACRES featured art, essays, interviews, poetry, and comics by local, national, and international artists.

Each issue was printed in an edition of 200 as a full color perfect bound 8x10 publication. ACRES was annually released at Open Space's Print and Multiples Fair, and was sold in bookstores in Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.  A link to a PDF version of each issue can be found by clicking the Issue below.



Sophia Belkin
John Chae
Suzie Doogan
Kodi Fabricant
Essence Harden + Texas Isaiah
Eric Allen Hatch
Rosemary Liss
Evie Metz
Maya Martinez
Brian Nicholson + Jacob Khepler
Anja Salonen
Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Brendan Sullivan
Kyle Tata
Bertrand Uberall
Nick Vyssotsky
Shan Wallace
Corinne Warnshuis
Hermonie “only” Williams








Alaina Stamatis
Beth Hoeckel
Bettina Yung
Brian Nicholson
Chloe Maratta
Chris Day
Conor Stechschulte
Eric Hatch
James Schaeffer
Joe Skilton
Jordan Bernier
Leah Horowitz
Liz Durette
Margo Malter
Max Guy
Mitchell Goodrich
Nick Peelor
Nikholis Planck
Noel Freibert
Suzanna Zak                                                                                   



Alaina Stamatis
Alex Ebstein
Beth Hoeckel
Bettina Yung
Caroline Marcantoni
Diana Lozano
Drew Daniel
Elise Boudreau Graham
Erin Jane Nelson
Jasmine Lee
Kari Altman
Kodi Fabricant
Lana Wilder
Lise Haller Baggesen
Martine Syms
Max Guy
Sanna Samuelsson
Soft Pants Studios
Suzanna Zak
Yael Malka 



Danielle Criqui is a Los Angeles based Filmmaker. She received an MFA in film production from UCLA in Spring 2023. 

Prior to graduate school she received a BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2010. From arts school she went on to spend the following decade deeply immersed in Baltimore Maryland’s DIY community– organizing music and art events, producing an annual arts publication, creating short films, and editing and directing Fields - her first feature length documentary about a Baltimore based music festival.

By focusing on the more droll moments of modernity, Danielle approaches filmmaking with both an observational and introspective mentality. When seen through a certain lens, even the most mundane instances can begin to warp into something funny, tragic, beautiful, or surreal. She aims to speak to the larger universal experience– to the wordless, feelings that create for better or worse, a connection between us.

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